Welcome to Tinko’s story!


A good training day

It was a nice training day with the boys! I was out with Challenger Aero+ 7.8 and RRD X-fire 114 powered up. I must say Andrea jibes good, but I was always close 🙂


Tine Slabe is a big guy and a big character from a small country called Slovenia, close to the Italian border in the Adriatic Sea’s Gulf of Venice.

My projects

Projects that I own and helped create from scratch:


DIFFERENT is an eyewear brand that connects different people. Different is someone that has a passion for something and it follows it to the point that his life changes forever.


RECHARGE is a new windsurf/surf shop in Slovenia. I have called it Recharge because this is what all those amazing sports do to us, they fill us with energy for everyday issues. Some years ago I have organized an amazing trip that was called with the same name – VIDEO.


WINDSURF POINT is a beginner windsurf school right at my home spot in Žusterna, Koper, Slovenia, EU. In summer anybody can learn the basic steps of windsurfing with very educated instructors.