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2011 / PWA / 17.mesto - Svetovno prvenstvo, Texel, Nizozemska

2011 / PWA / 31.mesto - Fuerteventura, Spanija

2011 / 4.mesto (od 1111 tekmovalcev) - La Defi, Francija

2011 / 1.mesto - Canarian slalom tour, Tenerife

2011 / 3.mesto - Dakhla wind festival, Maroko

2008 / 11. mesto - Mondial du Vent, Leucate, slalom

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23. april 2012

First race of the year

Today in Reggio Calabria all of a sudden the wind showed up and surprised everyone to start the first race of the year!
I was on my RRD International X-fire 114 and theCHALLENGERSAILS Areo 8.7. The gear was feeling really good. With ...

03. april 2012

Part of the game

A short light wind session with Challenger Aero + 8.7 and RRD International X-fire 114 today in Medano!

On the photo you see the bruise I got after a massive catapult while pushing it with the guys. Part of the game :)

25. marec 2012

A good training day

It was a nice training day with the boys! I was out with Challenger Aero+ 7.8 and RRD X-fire 114 powered up. I must say Andrea jibes good, but I was always close :)

10. marec 2012

The new machines are here

Finally the new machines for 2012 are here! After helping in developing the new RRD X-fires I was excited to try them out and they worked grate!
Can't wait the season to start...

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