The doctor gave me the green light

It’s been years that I have written a blog. Many things have changed, but not my love for windsurfing. This year was a difficult one. Right at the beginning of it, I have broken my knee ligament playing basketball with my friends. This accident actually though me out of the water the first time since 23 years. Almost 12 months have passed and I have not felt the freedom of flying over the water. At the beginning, I have thought it’s not too important, but only after some months, I started realizing this thing really affected me psychologically. Nevertheless, I have tried to be strong although it was hard because I could not do almost any sports. So I had much time to think and to look back at my past five years. One thing I’ve realized was that I am missing windsurfing a lot! This was even more clear when I was teaching windsurfing in WINDSURF POINT this summer.

In the past five years since you heard from me and I’ve not really competed in windsurfing, I was mainly orientated on business and my family of course. With my business partner, we have established from scratch the eyewear brand: DIFFERENT that is now fully orientated into the optic world and hardly does any sunglasses. But things might change soon.

Despite the fact that Different is up and running the things did not really go the way I wanted, that is why I took the opportunity and bought a small windsurf shop in Ljubljana. This move made me step a bit back into windsurfing. A good year ago I opened a physical shop corner and I have called it: RECHARGE. The shop is nicely growing and as after my injury, I’m getting more and more hungry for windsurfing the future looks bright. Some new ideas arising and let’s see what the future brings.

I would try to update you whenever I can so you can follow me again.

See you finally on the water!